Friday, May 16, 2014


Artists Develop Art Making Skills
Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project?
This was my first experience with drawing a face and shading it.  I learned a bit more about the position of things on the face and proportions, along with which areas were darker and lighter.  
Did you gain skill with familiar materials?
I used drawing pencils, which I have been using all semester now, but I learned a bit more about shading and controlling the pressure of my pencil while drawing.

Artists Solve Problems
How did you respond to challenges that occurred as you worked? 
I wasn't sure how to draw anything in this, so I just tried my hardest and used the references provided on how to structure the face, along with the skull in the background.  I constantly redid portions to try and make them look alright, although it didn't turn out very good in the end.  
Did your work take an unexpected turn due to a mistake or did something happen that was unplanned?
The shading on the drawing didn't work out at all.  I was hoping it would make the face look more realistic, but it ended up looking very grainy and full of lines, ruining the look of it completely.  If I had more time, I would have probably tried to smooth over the lines to make them look less like the way they turned out.

Artists Reflect
When did you step back and analyze you work during this project? 
I constantly looked back over my project to make sure it looked at least a little realistic.  I constantly analyzed the way I made each feature to try and make them each as close to me as possible.  
Did you consider how ideas would work before you tried them?
I considered how the placement would work out and lightly sketched the basic portions of the face before going into them in detail.  I thought about what I could do to make the face look more symmetrical constantly.  

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